3 Unimaginably Sweet Girls And Me

3 unimaginably sweet women! And me. Today I met again with my beloved lady's Christina, Yana and Karina. I love meeting damsels after the weekend - these days they are loosening with their bf's, eating a lot of different foods, visiting a restaurant or visiting their parents! Today I asked the lady's to put on sportswear - as if students are using me after a gym class! We agreed - I have to eat everything - this is my desire! Karina determined to use me very first - her poo had an excellent structure and moderate firmness, he had to chew hard and it was difficult, very difficult! Yana and Kristina had a lot of joy and laughed while I was suffering under Karinas booty, the chicks suffered for a long time and each waited in turn. Finally, Karina finished her dirty work and Christina joyfully covered me with her young ass and immediately with a juicy and loud sound, a large portion of soft not liquid shit filled my mouth, the sound was amazingly beautiful. At that moment I felt the taste and realized that much greater difficulties await me! It was soft and had a strong smell. Christina says - yesterday I drank... You can see how hard I tried and how much I suffered, in the middle of feeding I felt that tears were flowing - I felt ashamed that Christina saw it, but Christina was laughing and rejoicing - she always laughs when she feeds me. With great difficulty, I served Christina. The next task was too much for me - Yana. A stream of warm and very liquid oily diarrhea flowed into my mouth and I immediately realized that this was the end - I broke down! I tried to swallow and Yana tried for a long time and waited for me to be able to. I took 2 big sips, but the shit immediately came out of me like a fountain, at such moments I regret doing this, but then when the girls leave, I regret that I didnt swallow it when I had the opportunity..