65 Loud Farts And Shit In Leather Pants

My slave gets to be in the presence of my amazingly beautiful leather-clad arse, but must pay a price. Experiencing my farts through my leather pantsTOILET slave heaven! I am stunning in my tailored leather pants, but even more amazing when I take them off. The slave is ordered to attend my arse as I squat down to make a deposit of my exquisite feces in front of his nose. The smell of my poo permeates his lungs as the golden treasure is leisurely extruded by the perfection that is my butt. But I am not done. There are gasses still in my assets that my slave is privileged to breath in. Then, having made my deposit, and in my infinite grace, I climb up on my knees to the couch and give the pig permission to clean my assets with its tongue. You get to see me on my arms and knees from behind, my cootchie and anus framed by the softly undulating curves of my unbelievable ass, almost as if you were a man. Then, because the slave has such a poor record of consumption, I pull up my pants and put it on its back to feed it manually. I cover the perverts faceboth mouth and nosein plastic wrap so that the subhuman will get the full benefit of my healing shit. Having generously replaced the ugly face of the slave with something more attractivemy shitI offer it one final kindness: I get back on the sofa on my hands and knees and allow the slave to smell my farts through my leather pants. The sound of my farts and sadistic laughter form a slave symphony. The unappreciative slave tries to pull away but I, in my infinite wisdom, already have him in a dog leash and collar.