Babycakes Filthy In Pink- Lower View

Babycakes woke up very horny longing to get filthy for Daddy. I dressed up real pretty, wanting to taunt my Dirty Daddy wearing a pink lace sheer top and a very brief pink skirt. I was longing for Daddy to get his dirty doll filthy, so I didnt wear any undies underneath. I began playing horny smelling and felling my dried feces from my last time I played dirty. It is turning me on so much I need to get filthier and dirtier. I fuck my asshole and it is a little dirty. I fuck my pussy, asshole and gag on the dildo making me vomit a little. The gagging made me horny to smell and lick my dirty bare feet while masturbating. It felt good rubbing the poop, spit, and vomit on my skin while cumming since it is so filthy! I love being such a naughty dirty babycakes for Daddy! There ending of my dirty playtime includes still modeling photographs at the end of the video that were taking before and after getting filthy! This lower filming view version is especially for those with a foot fetish who cant get enough of my sexy feet and toes.