Big Jugs Salty Bottle

Nozomi had the most massive pair of knockers around, and his slave loved suckling and tonguing them. His mouth was in heaven every time his lips clipped down on her large, soft nips, and his fingers were mashing and massaging her to satisfaction. Mama Nozomi was the slaves mummy and she knew what would make her tit sucker even more satisfied: a salty treat that only she could provide. Pushing the slave away for a bit, she unscrews the top of a formula bottle and pisses into the bottle. The warm, salty fluid fills the bottle quickly, and in seconds, the bottle cast a warm, light yellow gloss. She screws the nip back onto the formula bottle and grips the slaves head. His mouth opens as he is fed the rubber nip, and he begins sucking in the warm, salty fluid. His throat reacts to the saltiness, but he keeps sucking to keep Mama Nozomi happy. Her fingers probe his hardening shaft as he continues drinking the wonderful gift she has bestowed upon his miserable existence.