Brooke Classified Ad Find Real Life 100

Every now and again I hit the internet scouring for prospects, hoping to find a hot doll willing to participate in the devious acts of scatology. 99. 9 of the time I come up empty in this treatment. Its like a needle in a haystack. However, this is an actual real life find I promise you, 100! Ive only had similar practices over the years from this like maybe twice and they werent anything to write home about. This on the other arm, was a jackpot. I Literally responded to an ad about a dame who had a unique fantasy. At very first I thought I was being catfished. Two days later we were meeting at a hotel. I can honestly tell you this was one of my beloved shoots, it was fucking it was SO REAL in so many ways. Classic Scathunter material. Her fantasy, was my fantasy. The one thing she talked about with me was the deep desire to have a man consume and eat her waste. You know at very first I indeed thought this was a joke, but I have been doing this for a while and I have heard this same thing before many times from different women!!! So I knew there may be a possibility that this might be true. Turns out it was true. When she sent her pics I could not believe how good looking she was so I instantaneously began to put this together. She was utterly bashful and conservative in person. I dreamed her to talk about her desires on camera and express them, but she wouldnt in fear of ever being found out. She was actually embarking to have a fright attack when I attempted lol. Albeit she agreed on film to actually say her main fantasy but not get into it too deeply. She had no idea that I was the Scathunter and she still does not even know! lol All she knows is that we had an encounter and I filmed it and she gave me permission to post it on the internet and signed my waiver and consent. You must know her butthole tasted absolutely fucking incredible it was literally made for my mouth. For the sake of filming I had to detach my mouth from it and get better angles for you all. Her piss tasted like honey, I gulped every single drop. She literally sucked my dick like I was her beau with sooooo much attention and concentrate it was hard not to bust into her mouth. And eventually her crap tasted like the deep earth with a very agreeable sweetness that beckoned for my stomach. She squatted over my face and pushed a second bigger load of scat directly into my mouth leaving absolutely no space between her asshole and my mouth. All I could do was receive. It was like heaven as her asshole opened wide and filled my mouth to the hilt. She then continued to suck my cock as I swallowed the rest of her busted a huge nut all over her cute, bubbly, fat ass as I swallowed whatever else was left in my mouth. Her entire load got eaten and I washed it down on the way home with Wendys like a G. I didnt even brush my teeth. The good news? She wants to come back and do this is the type of bitch you marry and spend the rest of your life sucking on her asshole. You wont be disappointed with this one! CheersRuntime14m45s.