Caviar Latex And Human Toilet Or Just A Sunday

Caviar, spandex and a human toilet or simply, its Sunday again! Thats all it takes to make Mistress Carter blessed! Because she loves to serve her divine, soft figure excrements at the end of a busy week, to your poop cows! And so it has become almost a recurring routine for Saurich to help his Mistress with the weekly refreshment! Merely to be bored with your slave no boredom and to prevent a lack of concentration, the mistress always thinks of new forms of administration of your slave feeding! But caviar first, classically under Mistress Carters glass toilet chair! And while Saurich is already lying in joyful anticipation under the loo-throne, the mistress first lights a cigarette to relax your divine bowel, to push the brown gold into the wide open mouth of your toilet! But somehow the worm is in there today and so Mistress Carter has to help with some water! A nice prelude to a dirty film trilogy with beautiful and addictive close-ups and slow motions!