Close Contact Christina And Amina

Close contact: Christina and Amina! The toilet slave suffocates, the crap flows into his mouth and into the nose - this is indeed close contact! Amina came after the bday of her friend - she was very well ready, very much wished to kaviar - she experienced great pleasure when her load fell into the mouth of the toilet slave and immediately a strong smell appeared in the room! Amina used the mouth of a slave and washed his face with water with whiteness. Next is Christinas turn - many know that her shit has a strong smell and strong taste and its very difficult to swallow and its fluid and flows easily into the nose - the slave gasped and wanted to stop, but Christina sat tightly on his face until the shit completely ended on face and her ass! Next turn Lassie - unfortunately she was not prepared and could not shit. But thats not all - a slave chewing Christinas tampon with female secretions.