Constipated Getting Unclogged Before Thanksgiving Dinner

I havent taken a poop in close to a week, I am so constipated! Love watching my vagina and butthole while I go to the bathroom attempting to get unclogged before eating my Thanksgiving dinner. At very first I attempt to go and nothing comes out, then a duo rigid pieces pop out. I wait to the next day and a few more creamy turds pop out, but I know there is a ton of shit hiding in my ass, I have been eating so much! Then about an hour later, I strong urge hits me, and I run to the bathroom. I have loose poop, lots of loose shit that has been running to the bathroom all night. I also have a little accident when farting while driving my husbands truck. Luckily, all of my diarrhea stopped for Thanksgiving Day. I was able to eat comfortably and fill up my belly without any tummy aches. My husband cooked a delicious feast as always for me to enjoy, and for my toilet fans and sluts to enjoy later seeing it come out of my delicious asshole. I ate two full plates of dinner plus dessert, omg everything tasted so yummy! The next morning I could feel a strong urge to go to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pushed out a very long creamy poop. Enjoy watching me get unclogged to release a monster feast poop!