Doja Scatif You Can See It From The Front Wait Till You See It From The Back

He like it thick he like it fat! lol We all know what Mr Cheeks loves and that is a fat succulent butt! He wished to name this one Doja Scat because he said this lady totally reminded him of her! Figure, even face and attitude! I can see the bod tho' for sure definitely a strong resemblance hehe. I thought she was extremely beautiful personally, and incredibly sexy Her name is Imani. I know, I know I have said this before, but this movie is my new fav. I came like 4 times watching this movie not even going to lie lol You all know I love love LOVE, domination, degrading and aggression, and this movie delivers everythingggggg and some. The way he was smacking her and mouthfuls of scat into her mouth had my heart absolutely POUNDING! He told me she actually swallowed several decent sized mouthfuls as well! Whoa! And you could tell she was actually swallowing a lot of it. This was an extremely rare movie to watch and I knew it was something special the entire time.