Doll Drenched In Piss And Poop

Full Movie - After a long day at school, a sweetheart comes home looking forward to quench her ravaging urges! Since she finds her old doll, it instantaneously becomes the subject of her fetish! Without further ado, she brings it close to her face and starts smooching and drooling all over it! By the time it is sodden with her slaver, she puts it down on the floor and then pisses on it while still wearing her clothes! She later takes off her uniform to cosily resume urinating on it! When she could no longer release anymore, she proceeds to defecate on the toy! After which, she mixes and plays with the piss and poop, creating a thick liquid all over the doll as well as on the ground! It doesnt end there, her bladder eventually gets refilled, and so she pisses on the toy again and then plays with the mixture using her fingers!