Dream Has Become A Reality

Wish has become a reality or smooch my feet and eat my poo! All his life he dreamed that a group of lady's would permanently use him in the most vile way! This is the most repugnant and terrible it is unimaginable - you need to be there and feel the smell, and these tastes break the taste buds of your tongue! But you need to feel it yourself - only then you will know what it is! - Several times a week a group of chicks uses your mouth as your individual toilet. They laugh at him, they despise him. For girls, he is not a man and they can not treat him as a man. His mouth is not the mouth of a person - it is a hole in the toilet! All girls have different tastes and smells, a live toilet takes it in itself, feeling tastes and smells by 1000! It is impossible to love! - You can eat female shit at least 1000 times, but every time it will be a terrible shock for you, but you should always swallow and you should not experience gag reflexes - your feelings should not be shown to girls - you should endure and not annoy girls!