Facesitting Shit

The training of a toilet does not end with getting it to consume my precious wastes. The toilet slave must be permanently shoved to lower insides so that it does not become used to the level of degradation and starts to have errant thoughts of attempting to reassert its humanity. The toilet slave must go from simply being tied up underneath a toilet and serving as the fuckhole underneath my toilet seat, to being able to serve without restraint or equipment or beatingsexcept, of course, when I feel like hammering it! This time I use my slave as both the foot rest and the disposition device. I inject almost naked and instantaneously remove my stockings so that my beautiful skin glows in the sunlight and you can see my sacred and most perfect pussy as I move around. I step seductively and nonchalantly into position. I enjoy my usual greeting kicks to the balls as I move around the slave. Then, without further ceremony, I take my position standing on its shoulders, squatting the perfect globes of my ass right down into its face. The ideal of a toilet slave is to be able to use it without spillage having all my divine essence go straight down its throat. I reposition myself to make further gifts from the side. Alas, and not surprisingly, the slave fails in its duty and leaves some on the floor for me to provide extra encouragement in the form of commands and kicks to the balls, as I have the slave on its hands and knees, face down in my shit. This is where it belongs! At least it knows its place. What about you, TOILET?