Francescas Gas Leads To More

Francesca is back with a fresh FUNKY treat!! As many of you know this was the very 1st lady I ever pitched this Idea of this site to when we were dating years ago, and all these years later I still cant get enough!! She has grown more an more convenient as time has gone by. When I very first pitched it she was reluctant as hell!! But when she eyed the money actually came in and that I wasnt downright nuts in that fact that fellows will PAY to see you do what you are embarassed to do when Im home and that thats take a crap! lolEventually she relented and here we are today 8 years later. Love another as she pushes out a FUNKY, runny load onto her neatly decorated plastic underneath!! She talks about all the time she has to put down plastic or paper because her poops tend to be extremely explosive!! She cant control her shartsplosions and its one of the reasons she used to be very uncomfortable doing clips off the toilet unless she was outside. But now she knows how to bootyproof her floor and bowl for the most part lol!! Enjoy as her volcanic eruption shoots out and onto the floor. She has learned as she avoided disater this time as she had just enough plastic. Lol she came very close to shooting past her plastic and onto the floor! lol.