Full Suite Human Toilets

Mistress Haruki walked daintily into the toilet and figured out which seat she would take very first. She went to the chair and bore down on the cleaning slave. She made herself convenient, making sure that her arse cheeks covered the slaves nose and mouth. The cleaning slave reached out with its mouth and nose, burying its tongue and mouth deeply into the mistress crevices. The mistress gasped at the slaves thirst and smiled. He had been trained well. And now for the lump de resistance. She had held her kaviar in for a day now, and now was the time to prize the crap slave. Squatting atop the squared slot, she released a warm and foul fart, making sure the slave inhaled all of it. The fart was humid and smelled faintly of citrus and fouled fish. The slave opened its mouth wide to catch the putrid shit sliding out slickly from the mistress anus. The anus blossomed twice its size and quickly unloaded six inches of stick shit into its mouth. The turd was almost shapeless, but was extremely sticky. Light brown, it was definitely bordering on diarrhea shit. The shit slave chewed as fast as it could, making sure that not a morsel was wasted. The shit was a bit chewy and challenging to swallow because it was so sticky, but it succeed in not wasting even a small piece. The mistress walked to the cleaning slave and sat her shitty anus on his nose. The first slave began cleaning her out, swathing her STINKY hole with his tongue. The mistress is satisfied for now.