Goddess Andreea And Victoria Double Hardcore Feeding

Eventually, the most beautiful appearance of a Romanian Mistress for all the toilets around the world!!. After long and long searches, Mistressr Andresa eventually found her best friend of the insane, namely someone who would like to feed her toilets. This is Mistress Victoria, a beautiful appearance, as can be seen in the pictures of her very first movie with crap stuck in the throats of slaves or when she feeding him with her gloves. In the very first part of the clip, Mistress Victoria began to humiliate a slave, putting her foot in the food and thrusting it into the slaves mouth. Then followed the private cameraman, who is also the toilet of 2 ladies, Andreea and Victoria. She began to make joy of both of them, making them suck or slurp her toes and feet. Then her friend, Mistress Andreea, took the camera and began filming the toilet instead of the slave, to be humiliated and mocked by the Mistress Victoria. She took a bowl and peed and pooped in it, then put on a latex glove and started masturbating her human toilet slave with her kaviar. This instant had an erection only at the touch of the hand of the divine Mistress Victoria. The humiliation continued with the insertion of the slaves head into the bowl and the orders given by the mistress to eat faster everything she offered him from her divine ass! A perfect clip, and we hope you fall in love with the new and perverse Mistress Victoria! One of the most kinky and bizarre appearances in the field of full toilet in Romania!