Group Feeding Of Shit From 3 Girls

Group feeding of poo from 3 damsels. It was a difficult feeding - you need to be there, feel their smells and tastes to understand it! Doll's hammer me when I guzzled for a long time - they do not like to wait and want to do everything quickly. To determine which of the women will use me very first they throw dice. After serving 3 girls you feel like a dirty toilet bowl and want to serve even more girls in one meeting - this thirst intensifies in the process of feeding! Cristina crapped a stinking green pile of shit - I only saw his color on the video and was very surprised. Christina was also very surprised and suggested that such a color could appear due to ice cream or tablets for digestion, which she drank yesterday.Shit Yana was as usual viscous - swallowing it is very difficult because of the large number, taste and consistency. So it has an unusual sweetish smell and a large number of grains, which crunch loudly when chewing.The taste of Amina shit is impossible to convey in words, it is very hard and you need to chew it for swallowing, when you chew it - the taste opens completely, it has a sharp and sugary taste and very strongly adheres to the teeth.