High Tech Slave Training

High tech slave training: by using electro-stimulation I can torment the toilet slaves penis which it no longer needs and keep my mitts free of having to touch the abominable creature any more than necessary. Being able to supply an electrical charge to the dick at any time permits me to be playful and carefree as I listen to the music of the screaming sub-human. Its sobs and my laughter are beautiful music. Even as it writhes on the floor its dick gets firmer. It is trapped by my beauty and its perversion. I even allow it to lick my perfect pussy while my asshole swells and gets bigger and bigger. Finally my shit comes out slowly and thickly and lies in a perfect round pile on the toilets face. I stand and kick the slaves balls which electrocuting its penis to get it to eat. Then I start masturbating the slaves penis with my foot and then my hand, all the while slapping the losers balls and ordering it to eat. The slave experiences the taste of shit, the pain of ball slapping, the pleasure of masturbation at the same time, conditioning it to sexualize pain and humiliation. It is never going to have normal sex again.