I Feel Female Shit’s Warmth By Skin

I feel female shits warmth by skin. Serving chicks as a toilet is always accompanied by pleasant sensations. Smell, touch, taste, eyesight, hearing - all senses participate in this. The slave sees a beautiful and attractive chicks butt. He hears her farting in the process. He sniffs her kaviar and her farting, which seems to him as a pleasant aroma. Eventually, he feels the taste of the food that the woman ate the day before, which passaged through her assets, and then the lady gave out it to slave into his mouth in the form of a delicacy. Touch sense has always very rarely been involved in all of this. This time, Mrs. Christina and Victoria corrected this omission. Mistresses decided to shit on my body. It really turned out to be enjoyable. I felt something pleasant, soft and very warm. It came out of the beautiful body of girl. Shit came out of her beautiful open anus and lay down like a snake on my chest. At first, Victoria did this, letting me later to lick her ass. After her was Christina, who added a pinch of salt to her shit. I had to completely swallow delicacies from each of the two girls.