I Invited Christina To Swim Heat Summer

I invited Christina to swim. Warmth, summer! Today its truly hot 32. Kristina walks in a sexy swimsuit and in her sweet arse is a treat for me! At very first we had a little swim, it was a very beautiful sandy beach, there were almost no people. Kristina says she wants to feces and we go to the forest to look for a place. We found a beautiful, comfy place. At very first, Christina poses a little in front of the camera. I lie down, Kristina squeezes her swimsuit in my mouth, I did not expect her to do this, because I do not want to drink water from the lake, but Kristina wished me to drink and I was drinking. Christina asks for her palm and starts to shit - it was powerful! I was not ready for this - yesterday Christine drank Carbo activatus, she decided to clean her body of toxins and now I have to eat all this. The taste after coal is one of the most terrible tastes I felt, but I love this girl and I must love her taste! P. S. From time to time, letters come to my mail asking if there was an intimate relationship between us. I answer: no, Christina and her intimate life are completely inaccessible to me. I tried several times to persuade her to cunnilingus, but she refuses. About sex, I did not even ask her..