I’m A Toilet For Two Stinky Morning Ladies

Im a toilet for two stinky morning ladies. Today, Christina and Victoria came to me at different times. Kristina came very first, I thought she had a good nights sleep or that she had hookup with her beau tonight. She was in a good mood, she often smiled. I noticed that the chick's are in a good mood from the toilet slave, because they know that they will soon poo and piss, and this toilet person will help her in this pleasant matter. Christina instantaneously began to rush me - come on quicker, I indeed want to poo. When Kristina entered my house she instantaneously farted and said - I suffered all the way so as not to accidentally fart in a taxi. I asked - why didnt you do it on the street, she said - you love my smell, I was very happy with such an answer. Today I decided to use this script again. I liked it when a girl sits in front of you, looks at me and shits, and then feeds the slave with her shit. Victorias shit tastes good sweet and is easier to swallow than Christinas shit. I noticed that during the feeding process the most difficult moment is when the shit gets in my mouth and I begin to feel its taste. This lasts the first 1-2 seconds and the slave usually coughs a little at this moment. Next, the slave must put up with the taste and smell, take it as food, and begin to swallow. The toilet slave never knows what taste and smell he will encounter. For example, buckwheat in different girls will have a different taste. Therefore, every new girl is always a new unexplored taste!