Introducing Venus Out Of This World Explosions

2018 is already off to a superb begin not even two weeks in!!! Two Fresh women just popped up this week already go check out The MM Duo debut now as well!!, and now this!! I swear in 2018 they are just falling into my lap!!! A little background story. One of my Loyal Customers and I have been talking for years. He was telling me that he had recorded some audio movies of his gf pooping and that she was Enormously explosive. He has sent me pictures over the years of the dammage she did in the cup, but Im not indeed a picture dude, I need the visuals dammit!!! Prompt forward to 2018, and now his damsel is down to share her explosions with the world!! Man all I can say its been more than worth the three year wait!!! Venus is gonna be one of the fresh ones to watch in 2018. My homey told me NOBODY has more explosive diarrhea than his woman.I took it to be a bunch of hyperbole, but I must admit, so far what I have seen is nothing but SHITFUCKGOTDAYUM!!!! Venus takes it to another level!! Enjoy over a Half Dozen Funky Explosions. My boy got to serve as her cameraman, often with some amazing and often humorous results!! Enjoy as sometimes he even helps her spread her cheeks to get it out. One time her diarrhea explosion was so extreme, she not only missed the toilet, but got it all over the floor, the tub, and her unlucky or Lucky for some of you freaks! Enjoy a Great mixture of both Old and New clips as Venus has finally allowed her man to empty the vaults for all of us to see!!! They are both new to this so look for even FUNKIER clips as she gets more comfortable on film for the world to see. Between her sexy body -especially that beautiful Chocolate Ass of hers she is sure to become one of my favorites ever. This might be the the best debut classic!! A great introduction of whats to come as she gets more comfortable and as this couple gets more used to being on film!!