Ladies Room 15 Meters Left

Mistress Carter walks with her dog, through a petite forest near Berlin, when she feels uneasy! Light belly cramps and the urge to visit a toilet as quickly as possible, overtake when the mistress all of a sudden discovered a sign! Ladies room 15 meters in the left direction, sounds like the saving salvation of your predicament bondage! Instantly, Mistress Carter rushes to the said quiet village, when she detects a slightly confused naked man! As it seems, here in the woods a slavery is a living toilet! The Mistress has little inhibition and so is the Klomaul, even the same time put to the test! A warm drizzle of your golden shower pours on the body of the slave! Followed by solid and soft shit from the gorgeous ass of the mistress hanging over the tree trunk! What luck for Mistress Carter, so far from any white porcelain, to find such a helpful slave! And what luck for the ladies room, to serve such a beautiful goddess and to be rewarded for it!