Loyal Turd Servant Is Rewarded

The crap slave had been dutifully taking care of his two mistresses for weeks now, doing their bidding, and even slurping their cooters and feet for hours at a time. Now was the day of his prize. But very first they needed to warm his mouth very first so he wouldnt waste any of the sweet treasures they were about to bestow his filthy mouth. Pushing down a cut funnel into his mouth, Mistress Aya unloaded a pungent-smelling explosion of piss into the feces slaves mouth. The thick piss gurgled and bubbled as it made its way down into the slaves throat. It washed his mouth and flavored his teeth and gums, making him feel alive. His throat buckled from the saltiness, making him gag a little, but he fought the involuntary urges and swallowed everything. Mistress Haruku made her way to the corner and unloaded a massive load of sausage-shaped turds. It didnt smell bad at all because she eats a lot of vegetables. The turds were smooth and moist, and smelled bittersweet. The slave pounced on the bowl immediately, slurping and grinding his teeth against the shit to take in every ounce of the shit. After eating a second round of fresh turd, this time from Mistress Aya, the shit slaves mouth was completely brown and black from fresh, chewed layers of shit. His muddy mouth was now on the mistresses anuses, cleaning them up and smearing them at the same time with the golden brown goodness of their innards. Finishing off the bowl on the floor with his eyes closed, the shit slave takes a grateful bow and murmurs his loving thanks for the most well-deserved reward any shit slave could ask for.