Megumis Dog Shit Pile

Megumi may look like an virginal lady, but she shits like a decent trucker. When she sat on the toilet, her lil', yummy brown-eye looked like it was going to extrude the shiest of shits. But when her butt-hole expands and balloons to twice its size, you know that you are going to get a good pile of turd. The petite hole opened up so much that a small puppy would fit in it. The dry turds tip escaped easily, bringing with it a quiet series of farts that smelled acrid, with a mix of cola and peanuts. The dark color of her turd is endless guzzling of sodas. The sticky sausage dropped loudly with a plonk, followed the hissing of the rest of the sticky shit as it passed the rim of Megumis anus. The sausages folded and compressed against each other several times, until the piles is already more than two inches high. Your dinner should always be something like Megumis dog shit pile.