Mistress Antonella Prepares A Lunch-box With Caviar And Champagne For Her Slave

Mistress Antonella will prepare to her slave, a lunch-box with a lollipop, caviar, champagne and chocolate. She is so pretty with her black top and brief skirt, black stockings and black stiletto high high-heeled shoes. Her slave is lounging on the ground, he is naked, wearing only a black mask. Mistress Antonella put a lunch-box on the face of her slave, she excites her slave by lascivious dancing, then she gives to her slave a lollipop and farts to him. After that, she uses the human toilet chair in order to fulfil the lunch-box with her caviar, so nice view of her caviar coming directly from her goddess butt into the lunch-box. She fills a glass of champagne coming directly from her own source. She dips the lollipop into her own chocolate in order to give to her slave a good dessert to suck.