Mistress Gaia – Brush Your Teeth With My Shit

You are dressed in black high-heel leather boots, skin-tight white trouser and a black leather top. In a cell is a frogtied and ball-gagged masculine slave. You let the masculine slave out of the box and untie him. You put a leash on his neck corset and lead him towards a cup packed with your divine caviar. You make him kneel before the cup and let him smell the caviar. Then he you give him a toothbrush and order him to use the caviar as his toothpaste, you offer him your delicious golden nectar to rinse his mouth with, but of course he must swallow it all. You make him do this one more time, before you tie his hands behind his back and afterwards you sit down on a chair and step into the shit with the sole of your boots and make the male slave lick the sole clean while you laugh at him. After a couple of repeats and when your soles are clean, you order him to eat the remaining shit out of the bowl while being on his knees. To make it a little harder, he has to show you how much shit he has in his mouth. Not before you are satisfied with the quantity of caviar in his mouth he is allowed to chew, however he must chew as long as you order him to swallow. During the chewing you spit in his face a couple of times. Pls. secure forcibly that everything is eaten and properly chewed and the bowl is licked clean.