Mistress Gaia – Many Gifts For My Personal Slave

I have tied down my individual slave on the trunk, so that he cannot stir and will concentrate on his duty: cleaning the feet of my boots with his tongue. Soon, I notice that hes doing a poor job: his tongue is too dry and cannot eliminate all the filth and grime from underneath my boots. Unluckily my slave is getting old and, sometimes, even his practice of thirty years can no longer compensate the loss of physical vigor. I need to help him, providing him something to drink. I feel my bladder full and I think there is nothing better than my golden nectar to relief a thirsty slave. I put a funnel in his mouth, so that not a sigle drop gets lost; he was really thirsty and drinks avidly my golden gift. But I can give him something more scented than my piss: I squat over his face and I let go a loud and smelly fart. I order him to put his nose close to my ass, since there are a second and a third one. But, you know, sometimes, something more solid comes out of my ass: a couple of pieces of shit fall in my slaves mouth and he immediately swallows them. Today I have been really generous with my personal slave!!!