Mistress Gaia – Search My Poop And Lick It From My Boots

The clips starts with you defecating in cup, you take the cup and walk towards a cell in which a masculine slave is encaged. The masculine slave is collared ball-gagged and blindfolded. You put the cup in front of the slaves face and make him sniff on the caviar like one does with a sleuth dog. You place the cup somewhere in your studio and let the male slave out of the cage and put a leash on his collar. Then you make the slave search your caviar he is still blindfolded on all fours. You guide him with the leash and a whip if he is totally on the wrong way. When he found the caviar you remove the gag and the blindfold and you take a seat, the slave has to crawl to you with the bowl in his hands and place it on the floor in front of your boots. You step into the caviar and make him lick the caviar from the soles of your boots and you let him show you his tongue a couple of times if he has licked enough caviar of your soles. At the end you push his face into the remaining caviar in the bowl with your boots, so that he can lick the bowl clean. Your clothing: Boots: black stiletto high heel boots, short black trousers and a black leather top.