Mistress Gaia – Sharing My Special Meal

I come in my Basement; my two slaves, masculine and female, have been locked in the box all day and, now, they are thirsty. Im tired and, very first, I want to relax for a while; I seat on the couch and light a cigarette. I free the slaves as they may be useful: one as a shoe licker, the other one as an ashtray. But now its time to feed them. I shit in a plate, I hope its enough for both of them. A phone rings, its the whores phone, who is receiving sms. I slap her face; I hate to be disturbed when Im shitting!!! There is only one plate of shit: the two slaves need to share it. I order them to take one piece each and eat it. Now, I want to have some fun: I order the female to pick up the shit with her mouth, bit by bit, and deposit it in the males mouth. Now the plate is empty, its time to go back into the cage!!!