Mistress Gaia – Slave’s Feeding

Its time to feed my slave. I locked him in the petite cell yesterday evening, when I went out for dinner with my friends. He spent the night there and now he is greedy. But his Mistress is going to take care of his needs; and he is a fortunate slave: he is going to eat the same food that I ate yesterday. I have kept it for him in my belly and now he is going to receive it directly from my booty. No need to permit him out of his cell, I make him take out just his head, I posision on the table and I order him to open his mouth. Soon the pieces of shit start coming out from my ass and fall directly in his mouth. He is a good slave and he begins chewing and swallowing. Piece after piece, I keep him busy; he has to eat everything, even the smallest droplets. When hes finished, he goes back in his cage. THIS IS A NEW, EXCEPTIONAL VIDEO OF MISTRESS GAIA. TRUE SHIT AND A TRUE SHIT-EATER SLAVE. NICE CLOSE-UPS OF MISTRESS ASS AND SLAVES MOUTH. DONT MISS IT!!!