Ms D’s New Public Rush Hour Dumps

Ms D sent me two fresh clips!! Im always excited to see fresh ones from my OG BBW!! Ms D truely is the catalyst for all the growth and development in this store the past four years!! So just like me she has moved up in the world but still sends clips here and there for the joy of it!! This set includes two movies where Ms D isnt going alone!! You can hear the sounds of other ladies in the adjacent stalls pissing, putting toilet seat paper down, switching, grunting and all!! Of Course you get to enjoy Ms D, she has no shame in her game!! Unlike most ladies, when its time to shit she shitting!! Not quite as gassy as her usual clips, but plenty of action still shooting out that ass of hers and from her neighbors!! She usually has to go when its less company but sometimes you get that bubble right before you gotta hit the road for home!!