My Best Shits

Do you hate to witness scat clips where the very first 20 minutes is just conversation and you see scat activity only the last 2 minutes? The My Best Shits are just for you! I take only the best defecating act from most of my old clips and combined them in one long clip. So the entire clip is just clips of me taking one big poo after another. I have taken all the best big shits from Violated Toilet 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for this clip. See the MASSIVE shits my petite bod can produce right into my slaves inferior mouth. The good shitting scenes from my best sellers both Broken Toilet 5 and Broken Toilet 6 are included in this one as well as small slow motion parts. See my facial expressions in Broken Toilet 2 as I push that massive shit out directly into his mouth. What made Broken Toilet 5 a best seller was it was such a massive shit that I kept moaning from the intense pleasure of this massive bowel movement. My slave swallowed around half of it at the same speed I pushed it out. With Broken Toilet 6 I was in actual pain because I held my shit for just over 5 days and you can see my anus was almost torn in this one. With that massive load I sat down on my slaves worthless mouth, rising his face as he gagged my shit down his throat. Like to try before you buy? Then this clip is also for you, you can see all the massive shits from my Broken Toilets 2 6 and decide for yourself if you want to purchase those clips. You know the saying Put your money where your mouth is Well I say: I put my asshole where my slaves mouth is :-.