My Hubbys Secret Kink

I entered the kitchen and almost stumbled on him again. My hubby had roped himself tightly and was gripping a cut bottle funnel in his mouth. I smile at the insane boy, because he was asking for it again. Time after time he would convert into my own private piss crevice, and he didnt like that I had to rush a few more paces to the toilet. He wants me to go in the kitchen, and sometimes it embarrasses me. But today, my bladder was quite full because I had drank soda earlier. Pulling down my panties, I felt a little silly squatting down in the kitchen. But the moment the rim of the cut bottle funnel touched the underside of my ass, I felt a warm flush flowing all over me. My hubbys going to drink my piss, and he loves it. There was something so erotic about it, and I let my piss loose. The powerful stream splashed at the sides of the bottle and flowed down immediately. I could hear the warm elixir gurgling my hubbys mouth he was taking his time in actually swallowing it. I know that he sloshes it around his mouth, taking in the flavors, which he says were always sweet more than salty.