Nights In White Satin

Hot as fuck EFRO vid. Sweet Tang banging figure on her white satin linens, ready to be soiled. 48 hours since my toilet use--Ive been holding on to this hard poop. Check me out for 3 entire minutes before the act. Full figure and face shot with mask, dressed in a white, fuckhole packed cover up and black high high-heeled shoes. I touch my bod and slide my dress up slightly to expose my booty. I roll over and spread my ass cheeks, winking my asshole and flexing it, teasing you and making you want it even more. Getting warmed up, I put lube on my finger, softening my rectum for the hard shit to come through. I joyfully push, smiling, sweating and relieving myself. As my anus expands and the hole gets bigger, logs land loudly on the bright white sheet, the smell engulfs the room and the sweet nectar tang is ready to be cleaned off. After it has all come out, I tease you further with my dirty ass. Pulsing it in and out you want to dive in and clean me up. I am your fantasy poo woman, beautiful, tangy and willing. I will drop my shit anywhere you want. On you, the toilet, or your nice clean sheetsSweet Tang is your producer of pleasure. Now come clean this dirty asshole. This video is prime glory.