Piss Domination In Bathroom

Two ladies are in the females bathroom getting ready for a game of tennis when a man all of a sudden walks in on them! Evidently, he thought it was the mens so he attempts to leave, but with the situation being favorable, the dominatrixes dont permit him! Instead, they grab him and then lay him on the floor where they proceed to take off his lower garments! With access to his dick, the mistresses play with it by massaging their rackets on his limping manhood! Though, they do not spend much time on it but instead, proceed with pissing into his mouth one at a time! This left him with no choice but to gulp down every drop of urine flowing down his throat! When both of them have completely relieved themselves, they begin taking turns sitting on the victims face to coerce him to clean their dirty piss-drenched pussies using only his mouth!