Poop Fiend Age Regression

I cannot believe what you did to me. I went from being a lady to being a little dependent daddys woman, a fiend of utterly dirty kinks and I dont even recall how I ended up this way. I cant control it anymore and its kicking off to scare me. For example, Ill be in the middle of my day when all of a unexpected I will get an urge to feel the warmth of pissing my undies. Then it seems that I snap into this crazy age regression mode where I must blackout or Things are fuzzy and sometimes I dont even recall who I am or what my name is. So I came to this desperate conclusion that I will need to record this loss of time, this condition to see where things go wrong before I become aware that I have been passed out in my own piss and poo. Now, as I replay the movie, I see where the snap happens. I see myself piss my undies like I often urged to do I see myself getting on all fours in my piss puddle. Then I see that I get the urge to push out a What is wrong with me? I just wanted to color you a nice picture but Im possessed by this craving to use my poo for my crayon. I cant stand this little girl stuff, but boy am I acting and quite adorable if you ask me. Then I snap out of this by the next day and I dont even recall any of As I watch myself on the video needing to take a nap in my piss and Rubbing my pussy and sucking on my poo covered thumb to sleep.