Poop Nightmare For A Fresh Slave 2 Ladies Shit In His Mouth Complete Eating And Brushing Teeth With Our Shit

Here a fresh toilet slave had applied to Contessa Calucci and me. He had never eaten crap and desired to practice it. Well, he is just right with us. In the open-plan shower, the slave had to lie down under the toilet chair and we drool him very first in his mouth. Then Contessa pissed and pooped in his mouth. He choked, but he had to eat the large portion of shit, so that there was room in his mouth for my portion. After he had eaten the shit of Contessa, under pressure. I sat down on the chair and shit a big fucking sausage in his mouth and then pissed on top of it. The slave was completely finished and did not want to eat anymore. But he had to eat my shit, too and under our dominance, he had no other choice.. We also cleaned his teeth with our shit! That was a real shit-nightmare for this new toilet slave!