Public Beach Poop Desperation

The sun is out this morning! Its such a beautiful day so I determined to go for a nice morning walk along the sea. Soon I realized that I had walked truly far. I was having so much joy liking the peaceful morning sun that I didnt realized how far Id walked. I am a long way from the bathrooms and Im kicking off to feel a rumbling in my bowels. I need to poop! Im miles from a bathroom! What am I going to do?! I start racing back to the bathrooms but I know Im not going to make it! Im going to have to find a place to poop right here on the beach! I have to poop! As soon as I get my pants down my poop bursts of out my butt! Oh man! I really needed to poop! I feel so much better now with all that nasty poop out of me! I cant believe I just pooped on a public beach! Enjoy!