Ruined My Panties

I indeed soiled myself in this one. Yes it began out as an guiltless farting movie but by the sound of those humid farts you can hear that shitty trouble is coming. I take my jeans off but my undies on and I keep on farting. Doesnt take too long before I can feel my ass hole is getting that humid and hot feeling along with the cramps. Instead of running for the toilet I determine to mess myself, just for you! You are in for a treat because the previous day Ive eaten a massive meal. To make things more interesting is the fact that these are white cotton panties. Watch as I ruin these panties for good by taking a MASSIVE and EXPLOSIVE shit right in them in full view for you! It was simply too massive to be contained and you can literally see my shit leaking down my own legs. The thick and firmer turds got trapped in my panties as they slid out and I show you all the amazing detail in my ruined panties afterwards. There arent that many girls like me whom like to shit themselves and talk about it but I get very turned on knowing you guys are watching me making these nasty messes. I also show you extreme close-ups of my shit covered bottom and dirty puckering asshole xoxo.