Sandwich With Crap From 2 Beautiful Girls

Sandwich with crap from 2 beautiful chicks. Recently, I often visit Mrs. Christina and Victoria during the lunch break. During the last visit, they fed me shawarma. And it was an unusual shawarma. Stuffing of this dish was crap had come out of the beautiful butts of 2 ladies. When the doll's invited me to their apartment this time, I already knew in advance that another unusual treat awaits me. Christina called me and asked me to buy bread along the way. When I arrived, I was ordered budge to the bathroom, make a dining table, cut bread and lay it in front of myself. The chicks determined to treat me by a sandwich. It was suggested to me to lay the packing on it, for which I had to hold the bread base opposite the booty of each of Mistresses. The most pleasant look awaited me. There is nothing more beautiful than to be seeing butt of a beautiful girl, seeing her opening anus, from which shit comes out with a farting. The sharp smell of the poops of young beautiful Lady is the best that can be in the world. Mrs. Christina decorated the dish by putting sweet sauce on top. The sandwich was ready. I ate it for 5 minutes, washing downit from a cup filled with female urine. For my efforts, I was awarded the fact that the Mistresses showed me their tits, allowed me to admire them. I am very grateful to my Mistresses for everything.