Slurp Our Feet Out Of The Toilet Bitch Special Dipped Dirty Infected Feet Then We Will Flush You Away Where You Belong – Nasty Natascha Sarah Gormless

We haul our slave into the toilet for some more joy! We soak our feet in the dirty toilet cup and swish them around making them dirty for our little foot bitch to eat. I am wearing thick black socks and Sarah is barefoot. My socks are entirely soaked with filthy toilet water. Then we shove our slaves head over the toilet cup and coerce him to gobble and suck on our hideous dirty feet. Our little foot bitch licks away to please us slurping off all the toilet water. I then take my stinky socks off and slap them into his face making him suck the toilet water out. Then i dip my feet into the toilet bowl making them soaking wet with disease ridden water. Then i make the bitch lick my bare feet clean too. Sarah and me humiliate the bitch while his head is submerged in the toilet licking on our dirty bare feet. We decide to show him how much we hate him by flushing his head down the toilet. We push his head deep into the bowl making his whole face and head wet then flush the toilet with his head in there. We make him drink the toilet water for our amusement constantly his head hard into the bowl. The bitch slave is completely soaked in horrible toilet water while we remind him what has been in the toilet before him!