The Return Of A Toilet Slave

The wonderful Mistress Giorgia has not used the traditional ceramic toilets for a long time: a splendid Queen like her always claims to have human toilets for any of her bodily needs. Today one of the fortunate toilets who have the privilege of belonging to her has been summoned to her. The servant is guilty of having been absent for a long time and therefore the Divine Mistress Giorgia penalizes him with her natural and inborn sadism before granting him the privilege of being able to serve her. Lounging under the chair, the toilet diligently opens crazy its mouth to receive all the piss of the Divine Mistress Giorgia that the slave, like a real toilet, guzzles to the last drop. Not wooed that she had completely discharged, the Superb Mistress grants the human toilet the privilege of stimulating her ass hole with his tongue: but for now she has finished and, after having cleaned herself up, abandons the lucky toilet in its natural position and with the used toilet paper from the Goddess in her mouth. Wonderful and sadistic Mistress Giorgia!!!