Toilet Time 24 – 27

Inbetween my masculine slave Loyal Sub and my female slave Chanelle I now have two throats to feed whenever I take a poo. You might be tempted to worry whenever I do get the time to take a feces in a normal bathroom toilet and rightfully so as there are those who LOVE to see that. Fear not as its time for another toilet time. Your favorite Goddess taking big slow shits into a regular bathroom toilet just for you. In this episode I bring you my greatest shits in the bathroom toilet from Toilet Time 24, 25, 26 and 27. Including some nice strong pissing action during my shits as well. If you also like plopping splashing action as my thick smooth turds drop splash into the toilet bowl water some almost splashed onto the camera as it landed in the toilet seat itself youll be in for a real treat! :-.