Medical Treatment With Needles And Prize Of Chocolate Cake By Mistress Antonella

Medical treatment with needles and prize of chocolate cake by Mistress AntonellaDoctor Mistress Antonella is amazing with her crimson spandex dress of nurse and high heel stiletto. She examines her slave patient. After this check-up, she determines that he needs a shock treatment for a ideal healing. The very first step is to tie his arm in order to immobilize him because Mistress Antonella knows that it will be hard and painful. Then, she whips him in order to accelerate the circulation. The 2nd step is to proceed at the medical treatment by sticking needles into her slave patient. She pierces his 2 nipples, and then, she pierces his balls with 3 needles. After that, the torture medical treatment begins. Mistress Antonella takes 8 small needles and 1 bigger, and one by one, she pierces the dick of her slave 9 result is a wonderful symmetrical alignment of needles in his dick. flows a little on the floor. The view of these 12 needles in his dick and balls, is amazing. Then, after that, Mistress Antonella gives a reward to her slave, she offers him a nice chocolate reward from her own divine well of Goddess. Her slave eat all chocolate cake with pleasure.